This research study is being conducted for research purposes in order to identify young people who have specific gene variation(s) that may affect ADHD. Normally, each person inherits 2 copies of each gene, one from mom and one from dad. Sometimes, your child may inherit extra copies of those genes and sometimes, they may inherit less. We are trying to see if your child’s DNA has a specific variation that we will look at further in this and future studies.

Your child can’t be pregnant or breastfeeding to be in this research study.

If you indicated that you would like your child to participate in a research study of an investigational medicine, you will be contacted by the study site selected on the survey to schedule a screening visit. During this visit, you will need to provide informed consent and assent (if applicable), have an assessment of whether your child qualifies and if they do your child will need to provide a saliva sample. The sample will be returned to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by the study site. The sample will then be tested to see if your child has specific gene(s) of interest. If they do, you will contacted by the study site for possible participation in another study.